Our Services

Garden Management

We work with a number of private communal gardens across central London to help maintain and improve these beatiful parts of the city.

Property Management

We manage a large portfolio of property across central London, from small houses containing two or three units up to large converted houses, many of which are Listed Buldings.


We also manage a number of larger and more modern blocks of flats.

Additional Services

Some of our clients only need help occasionally.  We are happy to assist on a one-off basis if you need an extra pair of hands, or to support you from a distance.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients

Property management is not a regulated industry, but we have chosen to be regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and are individually Members of the Institure of Residentail Property Managers (IRPM).  This means that:

  • All of our processes have been reviewed by independent experts (and where we needed to improve, we did)
  • Our accounting practices are regulated and audited each year
  • We are bound by two separate professional codes of conduct (click here and here for details)
  • All of our staff are independently qualified as property managers.

We are registered for complaints and redress with the The Property Ombudsman.

Client Moneys and Invoices

Where we hold funds for a client, each client is given their own dedicated bank account and all funds are held by us as a Trustee or Agent.


Neither we nor the Bank (Barclays) are entitled to combine any of the accounts we hold, or to exercise any right of set off or counterclaim against money in that account in respect of any sum owed to it on any other account we manage.  Any interest earned on the account is credited to that account and not to us.


We will pay invoices based on each client's preferred arrangement, and we do query any unexpected charges.


We practice double-entry bookkeeping, and each client account is reconciled every month.

Our Fees

For shared houses and buildings, we charge a fixed annual fee to each flat. For individual clients and Communal Gardens there is only one fee (still fixed).


Where appointed, we have separate charges for our Additional Services. We also charge for preparing:

  • Leaseholder Enquiry packs    £750 + VAT
  • Notices of Transfer    £150 + VAT
  • Notices of Charge    £150 + VAT
  • Licenses to Assign    £150 + VAT
  • Share Transfers    £175 + VAT
  • Replacement Share Certificate    £150 + VAT

We do not charge a percentage fee for any works or maintenance, and there are no hidden charges in our contracts.

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