Garden Management

London Gardens are some of the most private and varied parts of the city.  As large and open spaces they are highly prized assets, some established by their own Acts of Parliament and some falling under the remit of the 1931 London Squares Act.

Just like the Gardens themselves, our Garden Management Services are completely bespoke.  We currently work with thirteen Gardens across West and Central London, providing a range of services from full management to record-keeping and key holding.

Each Garden has their own constitution.  Those within Kensington and Chelsea are bound by the 1851 Garden Act and their annual garden rate is collect via resident’s council tax bill, others have their own Acts of Parliament which sets out how they are governed, and those in Little Venice were ceded by the Church Commissioners during the early 1980’s under Rentcharge schemes.  Some have playgrounds, some have private roads, some host events for residents.


We are confident that our knowledge and experience can be put to the general running of any communal garden.  


Some of the many and varied project we have overseen include:

  • Creation and maintenance of Garden websites
  • Installation of powered gates to improve disabled access
  • Installation and maintenance of  electronic Fob Systems (PES)
  • Bonfire Parties, Summer Parties, Carol Singing and Open Air Cinema nights
  • Filming/photo shoots
  • Updating and refining Company Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Updating and refining Rules and Regulations
  • Graveling and/or bonding of pathways
  • Installation and annual inspection of playground equipment
  • Drainage inspection and mapping
  • Creation of estate plans which included the layout of the garden and surrounding houses as well as sea level markers and utility conduits
  • Installation of garden railings for improving security
  • Landscaping of a new garden design and long-term management of garden trees
  • Annual Pruning of trees and checking for Massaria


Sample General Day-to-Day Duties:

  • Instructing and Overseeing of Contractors
  • Processing invoices
  • Production of annual budget
  • Production of quarterly and end of year accounts
  • Issuing garden rate invoices to freeholders, lessees or residents as determined by the garden constitution / Act
  • Chasing arrears on garden rates and liaising with solicitors on non-payers
  • Issuing garden keys and collecting deposits from both residents and contractors
  • Deleting Fobs and changing garden locks when required
  • Issuing Car Parking permits annual to residents and daily to contractors
  • Providing Committees with insurance renewals and taking their instructions
  • Dealing with daily issues relating to the garden (children, dogs etc)


If you would like to talk to us about how we could help you, or to discuss any of our services, please give us a call.

Alternatively you can email us your queries and we will respond asap.

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